Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Video Responses

I watched and commented on Brittney’s, Cassy’s, Ali’s, Brook’s, Rebecca’s, and Jessica’s videos.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Story Telling Challenge

The hardest thing about doing this with my students would be having the students be following the step by step instructions of adding pictures, music, audio etc. When I was doing the project, at times I had to step back, and remember if I was editing a certain slide or what I wanted it to do specifically. Photostory is very user friendly, but due to the age of the students they may have problems with the timing of pictures or when to stop recording their audio. Also, in creating a storyboard, students may have difficulty writing out exactly what they want to say.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Story Board

Week 3

From my experience with TPACK and understanding what means, I have come to the understanding of the various ways technology can be used in the classroom. In every classroom no two students are going to learn the same way and through understanding TPACK, and how there are two types of technological tools, content-domain and pedagogy, a teacher can use both methods to increase not only content knowledge but the relational thinking of a student. Students may learn from databases or computers, but by also incorporating pedagogy, students are able to see how the content knowledge would help them and they can apply concepts to what they see in experiments or hands on activities. Teachers need to have this knowledge because they have to learn how to teach to the individual, not just the group. Some students will learn by specific tools better and faster than others and if a teacher knows how to use both tools, not only procedural, but relational thinking of students will occur. Teachers will also be able to evaluate how much of the concept the students understand by having the students apply their knowledge in activities, or pedagogical assessments.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Week 2

For this week I thought the most useful thing I learned was to create a wiki page. At first when I was creating the page I did not see the usefulness of it, but as I continued creating various pages for different topics, I saw how by using a wiki page both students and parents can interact with the teacher. The students are able to learn more about the teacher and the parents can have a constant update on what the class will be learning about or have learned about. Teachers can also keep the topics organized by creating various posts/pages. In using Wiki students also become technology savvy in learning how they can post projects and things they have done on a website.

Asynchonous Video Message

Synchronous Video Message

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Technology Background and Experience

Growing up, I have been proficient with technology and any assignments that were given to me. Luckily, my Father works for IBM and has always been there to answer questions that I have about computers and how to perform a certain task. I like working with technology, it is just a little intimidating to me. I have never had a blog or anything like that, but I would like to one day. I use the basics on a computer such as Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop etc. I am excited to learn new methods of how to teach with technology.